Taking Space: A Documentary Trailer I

"Anything that we’ve got that is decent, is not the result of the benevolence of people in power"

Taking Space is a documentary compendium on how, why and where individuals carve out and retain autonomous space, with a specific focus on Southern California.

We’ve been shooting for just over a month and recently finished stitching together this rough trailer with footage from the Ché Café. Feel free to follow this page if you are interested in getting updates on the filming and editing process.

What I’ve been devoting almost all of my time to outside of school, alongside hegelsbegels and danieltorresphotos.

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I want to have molé running through my veins.

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I’ve been posting photos of myself a lot recently, which is weird. but here’s me acting as a stand in for an interview shot at the ché.

erik ( scandinigga ) and I played baseball with friends this morning, watched an action movie this afternoon and made fried (avocado) tacos this evening.