for those of you reblogging the ché poster series in light of today’s verdict:

when we suggest that the university “expect resistance” it doesn’t simply mean that they should expect us to passively reblog an aggressively worded poster on tumblr.

it means that we must involve ourselves in organizing any and all means that will force the university to capitulate to our demands.

if we are unable to match our words with our actions, both are rendered null.


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I’m so happy that NPR did a piece on this band. been jamming this for a week now.


Taking Space: A Documentary Trailer I

"Anything that we’ve got that is decent, is not the result of the benevolence of people in power"

Taking Space is a documentary compendium on how, why and where individuals carve out and retain autonomous space, with a specific focus on Southern California.

We’ve been shooting for just over a month and recently finished stitching together this rough trailer with footage from the Ché Café. Feel free to follow this page if you are interested in getting updates on the filming and editing process.

reblogging this because we’re getting closer and closer to our final cut of the documentary.

also because the ché eviction hearing at the san diego hall of justice begins on wednesday.


We’re still alive.

Just editing.

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Expect things in the coming month.

charlotte and myself outside of the san diego hall of justice. 

we were down there as collective member representatives from bridgetown d.i.y. standing in solidarity with the ché café collective during their eviction lawsuit hearing.

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a flier that I spent some time on tonight.
On October 2nd @ 10 a.m., call chancellor Pradeep Khosla and demand that UCSD drop their eviction lawsuit against the Ché Café Collective.The university recently left the negotiating table and has moved forward with an eviction lawsuit that will go to trial on October 10.Please share widely.All out to defend the Ché! All power to the collectives! An injury to one collective, is an injury to all collectives!
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