I want to have molé running through my veins.

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I’ve been posting photos of myself a lot recently, which is weird. but here’s me acting as a stand in for an interview shot at the ché.

erik ( scandinigga ) and I played baseball with friends this morning, watched an action movie this afternoon and made fried (avocado) tacos this evening.

started a new project this weekend with the intention of documenting d.i.y. and autonomous spaces in southern california.
the project will capture the history of these spaces, their role in the communities in which they exist, struggles that they have faced and analysis of whether or not they are sustainable as long term projects.


Save the Che Cafe!
Letter from Zack de la Rocha in support of the Che Cafe (June 27, 2014):
My name is Zack de la Rocha of the revolutionary group of musicians known as Rage Against the Machine. I am writing this letter as a member of a growing community of artists who are concerned about the UCSD administration’s latest attempts to shut down the Che Cafe. A place that is not only a great venue, but a source of inspiration and community building for any artist, student, or worker that has entered its doors. 
In its ever shifting rationales for attempting to close the Che Cafe, the administration has clearly lost its focus on what this venue has done to enhance the student educational experience and the university as a whole. Simply put, no other university campus venue in all of California has done more to build a bridge between students of UCSD, regional artists, and indeed artists from around the world. This unique forum of cultural and political exchange is a rarity, and without diminishing the merits of other student organizations on the UCSD campus, few can boast the kind of scope and positive influence that the Che Cafe has garnered for over three decades. 
I have performed at the Che Cafe a number of times and always left more empowered, more informed, and more inspired than when I arrived. Like so many others, I am personally indebted to the dedicated people throughout the years who have tirelessly worked to create a safe, all ages, truly democratic venue; one that should be embraced and defended as an indispensable campus forum for art and ideas. 
In solidarity,
Zack de la Rocha

this is so nuts