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compiling issue #9 of coup d’état zine.
submit your absolute worst tour stories. keep it relatively short and to the point, between 150-300 words.
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1. renewed my driver’s license.
2. caught a cold.



get up & burn down issue n°1

A zine containing a series of 35mm photographs
shot by three individuals.

September 2014
8.5 x 11 in.
32 pages
Full color
Cover printed on heavy weight recycled paper.
First run of 50 copies.

Printed & Assembled by hand in Los Angeles, Calif.

»Purchase here for $5«
(price includes shipping. add $1 for Intl. shipping.)

classmate turns to me and asks “are you alright?” after I’ve just endured listening to some dude with a confederate flag patch on his bag explain that “trans people create their own problems, they need to stop complaining.”

I probably had a vein or two popping out.

this happened in a course on gender.

20 plays

But until that time remains my
commitment to communism.


Joey C. after along cold night.
Catalina 2012
336 plays


taken by freepancakesforlife

spent some time in geisel library at UCSD today. first image is from a book of spanish civil war posters. the second is from a book documenting the flags of each battalion involved in the war, specifically the pages on anarchist battalions.


we feel driven to do as much as we can to support the community uprising in ferguson, missouri. starting today, money from orders that we receive for this shirt will be donated to a secure bail fund for those arrested in ferguson.the shirt depicts two black panther party members, standing in front of a poster that reads ‘hot town, pigs in the streets. but the streets belong to the people, dig it?’the link to this shirt can be found here:
if you’re unable to buy a shirt, we would appreciate you re-posting this as much as possible.solidarity forever.